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Feature Spotlight

Ice Scheduler

Let's be honest, doing the ice schedule for a few dozen teams simply isn't a fun task. Every other product on the market gives you a single option...spreadsheets. We've experienced this pain first hand so we built out a full-featured ice scheduler.

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Gives you the freedom to work the way you prefer. You can either upload your rink times with team assignments or just upload the times and use our scheduler to populate your schedule.

Point & Click

Our easy-to-use interface provides you with a tool to easiy add and remove teams from your scheudle without having to re-upload spreadsheets.

League Schedule Imports

Save time by importing your team's game schedules directly from your league website.

Game Scheduling

Your ice scheduler can easily schedule games right from the ice scheduler or your team managers can enter the games themselves.

Ice Tracking

Reporting gives you real-time insights into the amount of ice assigned to each team and how close they are to their target allocations.


Ice assignments automatically sync to team pages, family calendars and all your player and parent devices.


Easily export your ice schedule to share with rinks or officials.

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