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Feature Spotlight


The first thing we always hear when we onboard new clubs is how fast and easy they can set up registrations. Our full-featured registration platform allows you to set everything up yourself without waiting for your provider so you can begin taking registrations right away.

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USA Hockey Integration

Require USAHockey numbers for your registration and we'll validate them.

US Lacrosse Integration

Require US Lacrosse membership for your club registrations.

Self Setup

Easily set up registrations yourself in only minutes. Who wants to wait a week for a registration link?

Simplified Tryout Registration

Sick of asking parents to register after tryouts? That's no longer necessary with our registration system.

Team Based Pricing

Gives you the freedom to charge extra for players on specific teams.


Simple to use question-builder to get all the information you need out of parents.


Need to charge extra for pre-skates or yearbooks? We can do that.

Payment Plans

You provide parents an option to make installments and we'll take care of it automatically for you.


Parents can easily add their spouses at registration so everyone in the household receives your emails.

Late Fees

Sick of chasing down parents whose installment payments failed? Charge a late fee to motivate them.

Volunteer Hours

Integrates with our volunteer manager. Allows you to require volunteer hours for each player or family member.

Age Levels

Set up registrations to only allow players of a certain age.

Registration Limits

Automatically stop accepting registrations when you've reached a certain limit. We support position limits too.

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