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Helping youth hockey club volunteers spend more time being hockey parents by building amazing tools.

Our Story

I spent six years on the Board of Directors of the largest club in the St. Louis area. In that time, I wore many hats. As the guy with a background in technology, I managed the website. I set up registrations. I helped run evaluations. I even helped with budgeting.

What became abudently clear to me was that the products on the market simply weren't good enough. They both lacked features and were loaded with unecessary features. They were overpriced. And they weren't made for hockey.

At that point, I made a pitch to our board to build a better product.

After that pitch, I was kicked out of the board room where eleven of my peers discussed... and thankfully approved... what eventually became Crossbar.

Chris DeGroat

CEO & Co-Founder

Our Growth

Crossbar has partnered with nearly 40 clubs in ten states. We power clubs with as many as 800 players and high school clubs with as few as 40 players. We've registered tens of thousands of players and processed tens of millions of dollars in transactions.

What we're most proud of, however, is the relationships that we've built in the hockey community. We work hand-in-hand with our clubs to help solve their problems and help them run their clubs as smoothly as possible.

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